Ultimate Digital Marketing Course

Beginner friendly, practical oriented course. Certificate on completion with in-house placement. 

This course is included with Business Automation modules, various latest technologies, tactics and tools. The course progresses in a practical business development sequence. 

What will you learn :

1. Inbound and Outbound marketing.
2. Market Survey.
3. Customer Persona Design.
4. Customer Journey Map.
5. Business Goal Setting.
6. Affiliate Marketing.
7. Free Tools for Content Creation.
8. Canva Tutorial.
9. Content Marketing.
10. Digital Marketing Budgeting.
11. Landing Page.
12. Funnel Marketing.
13. Email Marketing.
14. Marketing Automation.
15. Facebook Marketing.
16. CRM.
17. YouTube Marketing.
18. WordPress Web Development.
19. Instagram Marketing.
20. Pinterest Marketing.
21. LinkedIn Marketing.
22. Google My Business Mastery.
23. Business Automation
24. Various Marketing Tools

🎁Bonus Resources Free with this course:
1. 4000+ Business Toolkit Resources (HR, Legal, Accounting documents).
2. WordPress premium themes & plugins.
3. 10000+ Motivational posters and videos for social media marketing.
4. '7 Important Steps Before You Quit Your Job' eBook.


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Language: Malayalam

Director / Instructor: Daily Skills




The lessons may connect with other relevant information available in the internet. The course is like a 100 days workshop, where the student is expected to do the daily assignments to get the best results.

Here are some of the tools covered in the course:

  The Basics of Search Engine Optimization | O8 blog  Getresponse Logo Download Vector  Canva review: Is this design tool right for you? November 2020 | finder.com   Google Analytics New Logo - Free Transparent PNG Download - PNGkey  Privyr - Manage Leads from your PhoneHubSpot Logo - HPA            Gimp Logo Png Transparent Images – Free PNG Images Vector, PSD, Clipart,  Templates Facebook Analytics - The Wealth MosaicBeginner's Guide to Facebook & WhatsApp Business ManagerWordPress PNG images free download Quora, Silicon Valley's favorite Q&A site, updates design to take on  Wikipedia - The Verge File:Bit.ly Logo.svg - Wikimedia Commonsremove.bg | Drupal.org    Facebook Sponsors — New Camerata OperaLeadsGorilla OTO 1st to 4th - All 4 Earlybird DISCOUNT Links >>>     WebinarKit Review - One-time Fee for a Lifetime Access



Introduction (2:00)
About Instructor (3:00)
Inbound and Outbound marketing (19:00)
The Affiliate Program
Business Automation
Marketing Automation (8:00)
Sales Automation (3:00)
Training Automation (2:00)
Market Survey
Idea Validation Methods (6:00)
Market Survey Introduction (17:00)
Market Survey Importance (1:00)
Market Survey Blueprint (1 pages)
Create Google Forms (23:00)
How to do Social Sharing (4:00)
Download Google Contact (2:00)
Download LinkedIn contacts (1:00)
Email the survey form (6:00)
How to read Online reviews (5:00)
How to create marketing statements (8:00)
Marketing Statement Workbook
Assignment - Do a market survey on the topic 'Skill Development'
Customer Persona Design
Create Customer Persona (35:00)
Customer Persona Template
Create a Customer Persona
Customer Journey Map
Customer Journey Map (21:00) Preview
Steps to create a Journey map (15:00) Preview
Create a Customer Journey Map
Business Goal Setting
Business Goal Setting Formula (19:00)
Goal Setting Workbook
Assignment -Create your business goals
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Income Model (5:00)
How to become an Affiliate? (5:00)
Become an affiliate
Free Tools for Content Creation (1 pages)
Free stock images, videos and audio files (5:00)
Freepik Free images & vectors (5:00)
Remove the Backgrounds easily (3:00)
Gimp Tutorial (21:00)
Compress the images for websites (5:00)
Canva Tutorial
Canva Introduction (14:00)
Create Social Media Creative using Canva (23:00)
Create eBook using Canva (9:00)
Logo options in Canva (3:00)
Create presentations using Canva (6:00)
Canva Content Schedule (6:00)
Assignment - Social Media Poster
Content Marketing
Benefits of content marketing (8:00)
Social Media Content Calendar
Keyword Research (12:00)
Content title ideas (5:00)
Blue Ocean Strategy (5:00)
Content Creation Tips (14:00)
Digital Marketing Budget
Digital Marketing Budget (33:00)
Landing Page
Landing Page introduction (9:00)
Landing Page Psychology (12:00)
Landing Page Creation (41:00)
Assignment - Landing page content
Funnel Marketing
Benefits of Funnel Marketing (12:00)
Funnel Creation (72:00)
Funnel Campaign Results (6:00)
Manage the contact details after submission (3:00)
Assignment - Create a marketing funnel
Email Marketing
Introduction about Email Marketing (26:00)
Email List (21:00)
List building using forms (38:00)
Email Autoresponder (17:00)
Assignment - Email content
Automation Intro (11:00)
Automation Workflow Creation (23:00)
Free tool to design workflow (14:00)
Automation Example (24:00)
Assignment - Marketing Automation Article
Facebook Marketing
Introduction about Facebook Marketing (2:00)
Course Curriculum
Personal Profile Creation (34:00)
Create & Manage Facebook Groups (9:00)
Facebook Page Creation (22:00)
Introduction about ads (2:00)
Easy Lead Generation (14:00)
Best Lead Generation
Facebook Traffic Ad (25:00)
Manage Ads using Facebook Ads Manager (14:00)
Assignment - Lead Generation
CRM Introduction (6:00)
Privyr CRM (6:00)
Privyr CRM usage instructions (9:00)
Export client list from CRM (2:00)
Assignment - Follow up
Advanced Facebook Marketing
Facebook Business Introduction (4:00)
Users (15:00)
Accounts (14:00)
Pixel Setup (50:00)
Brand Safety (6:00)
News registration (2:00)
YouTube Marketing
Introduction about YouTube Mastery (5:00)
Why should you choose YouTube? (6:00)
3 Success Tips for YouTubers (4:00)
Content Ideas for Youtube channel (14:00)
Create A Channel (17:00)
Channel Settings (6:00)
Link With A Google Ads Account (4:00)
My 3 Secret of monetization in 79 days (15:00)
How To Add Payment Method (2:00)
How to upload video (19:00)
Youtube SEO (5:00)
Video Analytics (7:00)
Monetization Criteria and How much you can earn? (4:00)
Assignment - Create a Youtube channel and first video
WordPress Web Development
Introduction (8:00)
10 World's Top Brand Websites (4:00)
How to earn Rs.3L/mo as a WordPress Web Developer (5:00)
Basics of a Website (4:00)
Everything about Domain (13:00)
Basics of Website Hosting (8:00)
Wordpress installation in local machine (17:00)
Wordpress Installation (12:00)
Wordpress Dashboard Familiarisation (14:00)
Wordpress Theme Installation (8:00)
Wordpress Logo and Theme Customization (14:00)
Wordpress Theme Customisation Using WP Theme Editor (9:00)
Wordpress ecommerce (WooCommerce) setup (22:00)
Wordpress add products in an eCommerce store (13:00)
How to apply for a Razorpay account (17:00)
Razorpay integration in Wordpress (4:00)
How to publish a SEO friendly article? (28:00)
Assign - Write a SEO friendly article
Google My Business
GMB Introduction (3:00)
Dashboard Walkthrough
Create Business Listing (13:00)
Add Logo & Cover (3:00)
Create Post & Event (6:00)
Info & Insights (5:00)
Reviews & Messages (3:00)
Get more reviews (2:00)
Photos & Products (4:00)
Free Website & User Management (7:00)
Instagram Marketing
Creating Instagram Account (9:00)
How to add bio in instagram (4:00)
How to post in Instagram (7:00)
How to add story in instagram (3:00)
Instagram Reels (2:00)
Create post using Canva and share easily (6:00)
How to repost (4:00)
Build quality followers organically (4:00)
Using hashtags (4:00)
Switch to professional account (4:00)
Instagram analytics (2:00)
Instagram Request verification (2:00)
5 ways to retain followers (4:00)
8 Instagram marketing tips (8:00)
Assignment - Create Instagram page and tag Daily Skills
Pinterest Marketing (Coming Soon)
LinkedIn Marketing (Coming Soon)
Bonus Resources
Business Toolkit
WordPress Premium Themes & Plugins
Images & Videos for Social Media
WhatsApp Business Bulk Sender
7 Important Steps Before You Quit Your Job (79 pages)
Useful Tools
mailtrack.io (5:00)
Text to Speech (3:00)
Zoho Social (7:00)


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